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On this post you will find the best paid android apps chosen from the releases on play store in recent weeks.

App & Game & Icon & Substratum Theme & Kwgt List

[Apps] 432 Player - Listen to Pure Music Like a Pro v19.7.apk
[Apps] 7 Minute Workouts PRO v3.2.apk
[Apps] aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks v2.2.2.apk
[Apps] Accupedo-Pro Pedometer - Step Counter v8.3.9.G.apk
[Apps] Akinator VIP v7.0.8.apk
[Apps] Alpha Hybrid Launcher Prime v3.4.apk
[Apps] AlpineQuest Off-Road Explorer v2.2.2.r5707.apk
[Apps] Assistant Pro for Android v23.60.apk
[Apps] Audials Radio Pro v7.5.4-0.apk
[Apps] AudioRec Pro - Voice Recorder v5.3.7.5.apk
[Apps] BaconReader Premium for Reddit v5.6.3.apk
[Apps] Beachbody Workouts - 20 Minutes PRO v3.2.apk
[Apps] Blue Light Filter Pro v2.1.0.apk
[Apps] Borealis - Icon Pack v1.56.0.apk
[Apps] Call Recorder Pro v17.0-play.apk
[Apps] Car Expenses Pro (Manager) v29.11.apk
[Apps] Daily UI v8.0.apk
[Apps] DAVx5 - CalDAVCardDAV Client v2.5.4-gplay.apk
[Apps] Delux - Icon Pack v2.1.5.apk
[Apps] Delux Black - Pixel Icon Pack v1.2.1.apk
[Apps] dictionary v10.2.5.apk
[Apps] Drumate - Drum Rudiments v3.0.apk
[Apps] Earthquake Network Pro - Realtime alerts v9.8.6.apk
[Apps] Eqfy Equalizer v1.1.5.apk
[Apps] EX Music MP3 Player Pro - 90% Launch Discount v1.1.0.apk
[Apps] Exquigets for KWGT v1.6.0.apk
[Apps] Fitness Trainer FitProSport FULL v4.76.apk
[Apps] ForzaTune 7 v3.3.4.apk
[Apps] Furatto Icon Pack v2.6.4.apk
[Apps] GPS Fields Area Measure PRO v3.8.7.apk
[Apps] Grace UX - Icon Pack v5.9.2.apk
[Apps] Grace UX - Pixel Icon Pack v2.2.2.apk
[Apps] Guitar Riff Pro v159 Fix to Large Phone Device UI.apk
[Apps] Guitar Scales & Chords Pro v113 Fix to Large Phone Device UI.apk
[Apps] Guru Maps Pro - Offline Maps & Navigation v4.0.4 b504085.apk
[Apps] GymUp Workout Notebook PRO v10.34.apk
[Apps] Handy Surveying v4.1.apk
[Apps] HD Video Player Pro v3.1.0.apk
[Apps] Home Workouts Gym Pro (No ad) v110.8.apk
[Apps] IPTV Pro v5.1.4 (Arm64-v8a).apk
[Apps] IPTV Pro v5.1.4 (Armeabi-v7a).apk
[Apps] Jono Pro v2.0.1.apk
[Apps] JRiver for Android v25.0.88 (Arm64).apk
[Apps] Librera PRO - Book reader and PDF (no Ads) v8.1.191 (Arm64-v8a).apk
[Apps] Librera PRO - Book reader and PDF (no Ads) v8.1.191 (Armeabi-v7a).apk
[Apps] LightSpectrumPro EVO v1.0.8 b119.apk
[Apps] Mate UI - Material Icon Pack v1.71.apk
[Apps] mconnect Player - Google Cast & DLNAUPnP v3.1.4.apk
[Apps] MediaMonkey Pro v1.1.0008.apk
[Apps] Mi Maps SmartBand v1.0.8.apk
[Apps] MIUI FLUO - ICON PACK v1.6.apk
[Apps] MMA Spartan Female PRO v3.3.apk
[Apps] MS - PJ039 Theme for KLWP vMS PJ039 V1.1.apk
[Apps] NewsFeed Launcher v5.0.368.apk
[Apps] NFC Tools - Pro Edition v7.1.apk
[Apps] Notas U Pro v8.2.0.apk
[Apps] Notebooks Pro v5.8.apk
[Apps] Override DNS (a DNS changer) v5.5.0-0-g195e8bc Final.apk
[Apps] OXYGEN - ICON PACK v12.6.apk
[Apps] Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor effects, blur & art v3.6.12.apk
[Apps] Photo Studio PRO v2.2.0.3.apk
[Apps] PitchBlack - Substratum Theme For NougatOreoPie v79.1.apk
[Apps] PitchBlack S - Samsung Substratum Theme OreoOneUI v26.1.apk
[Apps] Pix Music Player Plus v1.0.0.apk
[Apps] PIXEL PIE - ICON PACK v10.6.apk
[Apps] Poppin icon pack v1.27.apk
[Apps] Popup Widget 3 v3.2.1.apk
[Apps] Privacy Messenger Pro - SMS & default phone app v5.4.4.apk
[Apps] Pro Mp3 player - Qamp v1.1.080.apk
[Apps] QR & Barcode Reader (Pro) v2.3.1-P.apk
[Apps] Radarwarner Pro. Blitzer DE v6.66.apk
[Apps] RE Equalizer v1.5.0.apk
[Apps] Relay for reddit (Pro) v10.0.0 b405 (Beta-1).apk
[Apps] Reminder PRO v8.0.5.apk
[Apps] Root Checker Pro v18.1.0.apk
[Apps] Selfie Pro v8.1.0.apk
[Apps] Simple Audiobook Player v1.6.4.apk
[Apps] Simple Calendar Pro - Events & Reminders v6.5.7.apk
[Apps] Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs Workout PRO v3.3.apk
[Apps] Star Icon Pack Legacy (Circle) v1.0.2.apk
[Apps] Star Icon Pack Legacy (Squircle) v1.0.2.apk
[Apps] Star Icon Pack v1.0.2.apk
[Apps] Streamlined v9.42.apk
[Apps] Study Checker PRO v3.6.0.101_PG.apk
[Apps] Super Quick Settings Pro - Toggles & AD Free v3.0.apk
[Apps] Swift Installer - Themes & color engine v9.67.apk
[Apps] Swipe for Facebook Pro v8.0.1 b153.apk
[Apps] Talon for Twitter v7.6.4.2169.apk
[Apps] the Weather+ v2.17.0.apk
[Apps] TonalEnergy Tuner and Metronome v1.5.15.apk
[Apps] Tools for Google Maps v4.00.apk
[Apps] Trumpet Songs Pro - Learn To Play v8 Solfege.apk
[Apps] TuneIn Radio Pro - Live Radio v22.6.apk
[Apps] USB Media Explorer v9.0.1.apk
[Apps] Voice Training Pro v97 Large Phone device fix.apk
[Apps] Weather Radar & Forecast VIP v1.2.apk
[Apps] WiFile Explorer v2.0.0.0.apk
[Apps] Wow! KWGT v3.8.apk
[Apps] YKP 1 v4.5.apk
[Apps] YKP 2 v4.6.apk
[Apps] [ROOT] Kernel Adiutor Donate v1.0.apk
[Apps] [Substratum] Valerie v13.2.0.apk
[Games] Great Conqueror:Rome v1.1.2.apk
[Games] Stratego Multiplayer Premium v4.11.15.apk

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