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I will always love this encoding team
2020-04-26 15:53:24
2020-04-24 15:27:46
Loving your new release group
2020-03-10 17:12:19
Best friend to have you around. If you need help in his group then he will 100% help you out no matter what even if you failed so many times like me lol, best admin of TAoE
2020-03-10 14:02:18
Encoding Guru.
2020-02-23 13:54:04
Here are the 5 points Aintz forgot to add. :)
2020-02-21 17:01:13
Thank you to an amazing Mentor, and awesome Friend!! Cheers!
2020-02-21 13:41:11
Thank you for supporting TG's artists by voting in the Christmas banner competition.
2019-12-19 13:25:19
Thanks for supporting TGx and your torrent comments ;)
2019-11-12 17:09:17
Thank you for supporting TG's artists by voting on the Halloween banner competition.
2019-10-25 19:21:05
Welcome to torrentgalaxy :)
2019-04-01 22:31:57
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Hey dwarren61, Glad you are enjoying our releases. Many more on the way! These are hard times glad we are able to make it a little easier to deal with. I have a drink from time to time but not much these days. Enjoy!
2020-05-15 00:53:59
No problemo FBi enjoy! Guest-2708 Hahahahahhahhaha maybe you should check again
2020-05-10 22:22:37
Hi, it plays fine for me, what are you using to watch it?
2020-05-01 23:13:42
Yeah the audio track should be labelled Korean, there are subtitles though you just have to turn them on.
2020-05-01 00:05:39
Glad you like our encodes IceKnife, would be great if you rejoined the team! We miss you too!
2020-04-27 14:17:33
Yeah it's crazy, I though it best to release episodes with the name they are released as and fix them later if need be.
2020-04-23 08:38:55
Glad to hear you enjoy our rips :D
2020-04-20 02:49:18
I believe HxD is planning on encoding them also.
2020-04-08 11:37:10
No problemo IceKnife B) Glad you like the quality of my encodes!
2020-03-26 22:41:37
Excellent work! You have done very well! Glad to have you on the team! B)
2020-03-11 08:16:07
Thanks s666a, no problemo! I'm currently working on Castlevania S3 1080p encode. I will post it as soon as possible. I'm keen to watch Castlevania S03 also.
2020-03-06 00:55:59
I will look into it, if I find any problems I will post a repack.
2020-03-05 21:53:24

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Sure is thank you for sharing with us at TG :) xx
2020-01-21 07:56:53
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Shrek 2 (2004) (1080p BDRip x265 10bit TrueHD 7.1 - Goki)[TAoE]Shrek 2 (2004) (1080p BDRip x265 10bit EAC3 5.1 - Goki)[TAoE]Duncanville (2020) S01E09 Free Range Children (1080p AMZN Webrip x265 10bit EAC3 5.1 - Goki)[TAoE].mkvRick and Morty (2013) S04E06 Never Ricking Morty (1080p AMZN Webrip x265 10bit EAC3 5.1 - Goki).mkvBatwoman S01E18 If You Believe In Me, IJumanji The Next Level (2019) (1080p BDRip x265 10bit EAC3 5.1 - r0b0t) [TAoE].mkvJumanji The Next Level (2019) (1080p BDRip x265 10bit DTS-X 7.1 - r0b0t) [TAoE].mkvBad Boys 2 (2003) (1080p BDrip x265 10bit TrueHD 7.1 - ArcX)[TAoE].mkvDuckTales (2017) S03E06 Astro B.O.Y.D (1080p AMZN Webrip x265 10bit EAC3 2.0 - Goki)[TAoE].mkv

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by forrester
    on 2020-05-11 02:58:44
Thanks... :)
:) :( :D :P :-) B) 8o :? 8) ;) :-* :-( :| O:-D :-@ :facepalm :o) brb :warn :help :bad :love :idea :bomb :!
by forrester
    on 2020-05-11 00:26:59
Do you have DC Showcase's Adam Strange? I have been looking to see it... no luck? :(
:) :( :D :P :-) B) 8o :? 8) ;) :-* :-( :| O:-D :-@ :facepalm :o) brb :warn :help :bad :love :idea :bomb :!
by Goki:_trusted_uploader::_junkie:
    on 2020-05-11 01:16:56
Not at the moment but I will look for it.
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